Isn’t it astonishing that all the signs of popular solidarity that Palestine and the Arabs receive occur with no comparable sign of solidarity and dignity for ourselves, that others admire and respect us more than we do ourselves? Isn’t it time we caught up with our own status and made certain that our representatives here and elsewhere realize, as a first step, that they are fighting for a just and noble cause, and that they have nothing to apologize for or anything to be embarrassed about? On the contrary, they should be proud of what their people have done and proud also to represent them.
Edward W Said


The daily compilation of the headlines “Today in Palestine!” was initialized back in April 2003, as soon as USA and its allies occupied Iraq. Its main task was always to spread the information that western media insisted on avoiding.

At that time the second intifada was still going on, but lost the media attentions following the U.S.A. & U.K. occupation of Iraq where the focus was. An easy loss of Iraq, and particularly Baghdad, and destruction of its historical monuments (while US troops only took care of securing the building of Iraqi Oil Ministry, giving no value to its Museum and monuments) was very stressful for the Arab people.

That was also very hard period to collect the headlines, as very few media were there to cover the Palestinian updates, while giving more attention to Iraq and other world developments. Especially since the Israeli casualties vanished and their crimes became routine there was nothing ‘new’ for the democratic west to report.

Similar example could be the protests against the Israeli Apartheid Wall organized on a weekly basis for years, and especially in the two towns of Bil’in and Ni’lin. These protests were organized weekly for months before being for the first time mentioned in the western media.

The headlines compilation has passed through different periods, of being distributed daily, to having some break, to covering the “Arab Spring”, and lately being distributed three times a week. The “Today in Palestine!” will probably be reborn as soon as the newly started “peace talks” moderated by the USA fail, and the third Intifada begins.